When the City Council approved the Envision 2040 General Plan in December 2011, the plan was intended to accommodate 471,000 new people and 470,000 new jobs by the year 2040.   The demographic study for the General Plan indicated that the City would have to approve approximately 5,000 housing units each and every year to accommodate this planned population growth.  (The demographic study further concluded that 50-60% of the new housing units would be needed to accommodate future generations of existing San Jose residents – otherwise known as “internal” or “natural” growth.)

The Envision 2040 General Plan focuses the residential and job growth into 70 urban villages around the City, which are deemed appropriate for intensified urban development.  Specifically, the 216 acres of the Winchester Boulevard Urban Village are planned to hold 2,000 new residential units and 1,380,000 square feet of new employment space with a capacity of 4,600 new jobs.

Because San José is essentially a fully built out City, land for new housing units and jobs is scarce.  Therefore, to ensure that San Jose can meet projected jobs and housing demand, the General Plan requires that we use land efficiently, by maximizing the density of housing and the intensity of jobs to the extent feasible.

The proposed Reserve Apartments project is consistent with this approach by achieving reasonably high residential density and by introducing new commercial/retail job space that doesn’t exist today.   The project is compatible with adjacent neighbors by having large setbacks and stepped down heights near the neighbors.  The project placing the taller building heights along Winchester Boulevard and away from the single-family neighbors.